Course Description

Featuring my new Signature Die Cut Tools "Lotus Bloom Collection" this project workshop will introduce you to the complete Die Cu Tool Method. It covers working with PMC FLEX, Die Cut Tool Method, construction, refinement, kiln & torch firing, soldering earring posts, patina and finishing. This class includes 9 demo videos, a 47 page PDF step by step work book, tool list with active hyper links to where the tools can be ordered and a year of online support.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Lotus Bloom Earrings Tool List

    • Metal Clay Tools Video

    • Lotus Bloom Earrings Workbook

    • Die Cut Tool Method Video

  • 2

    Lotus Bloom Earrings Construction

    • Die Cut Ornamental Elements Video

    • Ornamental Elements Refinement Video

    • Lotus Bloom Backplate Video

    • Lotus Bloom Assembly Video

  • 3

    Lotus Bloom Firing & Finishing

    • Kiln Firing Video

    • Bonus Torch Firing Video

    • Soldering the Earring Posts

    • Lotus Bloom Finishing