Course Description

MetalClay Arts Conservatory's digital library is a focused study for the cultivation of metal clay artistry delivered to the comfort of your home or studio. This Project Workshop Course comes with my new signature natural gum rubber, deep cut texture plates designed to get great relief impressions, and will be featured in future classes. The course not only covers working the wet and dry metal clay, but also making custom tools, firing, kiln programing, high contrast patina finishing, getting clean consistent impressions from this finely detail textureplate, fireable stone setting, wet forming a single patterned strip into a seamless box side, the Big Mouth Bail, repair and so much more. This class features 24 separate demo videos and 25 lessons, 130 pages of step by step class handouts and support PDFs (embedded with live hyperlinks so you don't ever have to wonder what a particular tool is or where it’s available.) Everything is streamlined and easily accessible from multiple devices.

Technique retention is a huge issue, and after years of travel teaching, I've found it is the most frequent problem. How many times have you been to a live workshop and found yourself chasing techniques in a notebook only to miss the demonstration all together? Couldn't make out what was being demoed between the crush of eager onlookers? Lost a technique entirely by the time you got back to your own studio? Maybe it's been impossible to get to a class or take enough days off to even attend. While nothing can replace the benefits of live interaction with an instructor, this platform has enabled me to develop a whole new way of distance learning that extends beyond some of the limitations of other workshops

It's allowed me to leave NOTHING out, every step, every technique is now available in up close detail. Each demo video is viewable as many times as you like and shot in first person, so you can see what it really looks like if it were YOUR hands working. The videos are typically less than 10 minutes, so even if you only have a few minutes a day to yourself, you can attend, at YOUR pace. With enrollment, you get one entire year to complete the course, discussion prompts for questions and email technique support from me directly. All you have to do is write.

This Project Workshop, taught live, over two days would cost at least $300 in any teaching studio or school, but is now available, for a fraction of the cost.

Sign up, join in, but don't miss out on this new frontier of artistic growth.


Wanaree Tanner

MetalClay Arts Conservatory was conceived and founded by internationally published, award winning artist and metal clay innovator, Wanaree Tanner, to illuminate the practical and creative processes as well as the individual‘s artistic expression. The Conservatory features both online continuing education courses on metal clay ranging from Project Workbooks and Classes to Comprehensive Courses as well as one-on-one private sessions or study programs with Wanaree at her studio located in secluded rural Illinois. The courses and programs are filled not only with technical training and skill application, but also design development and artistic styling. For more on her work and more on the Metal Clay Arts Conservatory please visit her website at

Wanaree Tanner

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Workshop Workbook PDF

    • Tools and Getting Started

    • Tool List

    • Custom Made Specialty Tools

    • BONUS: Repairing Broken Greenware

  • 2

    Seamless Stones Set Shadow Box: Components I

    • Building a Fireable Stone Setting

    • Repairing Cracks in Dry Clay

    • Stone Setting Refinement

    • Front and Back Box Panels

    • Front and Back Box Panel Refinement

    • Fixing Drying Distortion

  • 3

    Seamless Stone Set Shadow Box: Components II

    • Big Mouth Bail Texturing and Forming

    • Big Mouth Bail Support Armature

    • Big Mouth Bail Refinement

    • Seamless Side Forming Armatures

    • Seamless Side Texturing and Forming

    • Joining the Seamless Side Panel Ends

  • 4

    Shadow Box Pendant Assembly and Refinement

    • Attaching the Stone Setting

    • Attaching the Seamless Side Panel and Front Frame Panel

    • Seamless Side Panel Refinement

    • Backplate Detail Attachment

    • Final Refinement

  • 5

    Firing and Finishing

    • Kiln Firing

    • Repairing Fired Metal Clay

    • Metal Finishing

    • Congratulations!